Monday, July 14, 2008

America's Self-Proclaimed World Capitals

This new blog is dedicated to "America's Self-Proclaimed World Capitals".
You will find out how these self proclamations came about. First, it takes a lot of courage to say you are the best in the world at something. There is definitely a lot of competition out there. You may find some “World Capitals” in the right places. Cotton is in Greenwood, Mississippi, country music in Nashville and entertainment in Las Vegas. But you will be surprised to find some of our “World Capitals” where you would not imagine.

Did you know?
You will find the “Blueberry Capital of the World” in Cherryfield and the “Circus Capital of the World” in Indiana. Would you believe the “Printing Capital of the World” was in Kansas?

What is a kolacky or a mayhaw? The people in Minnesota and Georgia can tell you. Texas is famous for “chili” yet “chile” is famous in New Mexico.

You will find huge rivalries between American communities over who is the “World Capital" of barbeque, peanuts, peaches, spinach, turkeys, and walleyes.

There are mysterious “World Capitals” in America. You will find magic in Michigan, trolls in Wisconsin and scarecrows in New York.

What town is the king of horseradish and has the world’s largest bottle of ketchup? Who do you think has made over a million fire hydrants? Who is proud of there rhubarb?

The most important fact to remember is that all of America’s World Capitals have one thing in common. These hometowns have American citizens who continue to believe that they are the best in the world!

Please send us stories and pictures of your hometown "World Capital"


Dee said...

The world's largest teapot is in West Virginia. I am not sure that makes it the teapot capital or not, though. Great new Blog!

Funnynames said...

Hey Dee, thanks for the visit and info -- you need to check out texas capitals
I'll send you info