Sunday, August 30, 2009

Carousel Capital of the World!

Binghamton, NY - Carousel Capital of the World

This community aligns itself with Endicott and Johnson City to form the “Triple Cities”. In the early 20th century, George F. Johnson helped form the Endicott-Johnson Shoe Company. At one time, the shoe company employed over 24,000 workers and crafted over 170,000 pair of shoes a day. George grew up poor and remembered as a child he never had a nickel to spend on a carousel ride. George started donating carousels to the local community parks. Today, this area is home to 6 parks with carousels for the local children to ride. The community is home to 6 of the world’s carousel companies. All participants who ride all 6 carousels located in this community receive an “I Rode the Carousel Circuit” button. The carousels are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

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