Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LeMars, Iowa - Ice Cream Capital of the World!

This community christened itself in 1994 as the “Capital of Ice Cream”. They have good reasons to back up this boastfulness. In 1913, Fred Wells, Jr. opened up a dairy operation in this community. In 1925, Fred expanded his business and the company began making ice cream. In 1928, Fred sold his company to Fairmont. Later in 1935, Fred and his sons wanted to make ice cream again but couldn’t use the family name any more because of the deal with Fairmont. They ran a contest to name their new ice cream company and “Blue Bunny” was chosen. Blue Bunny is the single ice cream company in LeMars. More ice cream is produced here in a day than by any other single ice cream company in the world. Those are the cold-hearted facts and that’s why this is the capital.

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