Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sedalia, Missouri - Once the Ragtime Capital

Sedalia, Missouri

Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival

If you remember the music from the movie “The Sting” starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, you have heard the music of Scott Joplin. Joplin was a famous ragtime black musician and composer in the early 1900’s. His music is world renowned and Sedalia, MO was his birthplace. In 1899, Joplin became famous for his musical piece “Maple Leaf Rag”. Within six months Maple Leaf Rag sold over 75,000 copies. However, as the music scene changed so did Joplin’s fame and fortune. In 1917, he died nearly penniless and all but forgotten. In his honor, the community hosts this festival each year. If you would like to enjoy the music or learn an early 20th century dance, this is your venue. Many famous musicians display their talent throughout these days and draw more than 6,000 visitors to this festival.

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